Eugene RV Wash


Wash Cards


Eugene RV Wash puts credit card acceptance right in the bay.

Never again worry about not having enough change to wash your RV, Boat, Trailer, 5th Wheel, Motorhome or Car.

Unlike other car wash facilities that require you to use quarters or tokens to wash your RV, our new RV Wash bay features a secure “state of the art” card reader. Just insert and remove your credit card or prepaid wash card. Use all the desired wash and rinse functions and when you finish washing your RV simply press the “stop” button. The digital display will show your charges in dollars and cents.  You are only charged for the actual time used to wash your vehicle.

Your charges will show up on your credit card statement or will be deducted from your prepaid wash card.

* A Minimum $5.00 start up price still applies.